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>> bret: president obama tapped the strategic oil reserves. wife aren't oil prices going down? republican presidential front-runner mitt romney sends out mixed messages on how much to blame the president for the economy. the saving economy series concludes with america versus the world. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. the estimated 33 million americans who are hitting the road for the fourth of july holiday will be paying about 80 cents a gallon more for gasoline than they did last year. that is despite president obama's decision to tap the country's reserve fuel supply. in fact, white house correspondent mike emanuel reports the price of oil is going up. >> american drivers will pay
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on average $3.55 per gallon at the pump heading into the holiday weekend. the high fuel costs are a drag on their wallet and on the struggling economy. when president obama took office in 2009, the price was $1.84 per gallon. and had more than doubled by this may before dropping as the global economy slowed and demand reduced. the high price of crude and concerns over comply led the president to announce he was putting more than 30 million-barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve on the market. oil prices are creeping back up. >> the tapping of the spr, short-term solution to energy problem. unnecessary reaction to unnecessary moratorium in the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: the industry in the gulf region objected to the moratorium instituted after the b.p. spill in april of last year. energy companies complain of excessive regulation. speaker boehner accused the obama administration of continuing to block and delay new american energy production and said, "the democrats
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running washington need to step up and work with republicans to unlock american energy production to create jobs and help lower gas prices." on wednesday, president obama made reference to some of the causes of high energy cost talk about the impact of december's bipartisan tax compromise. >> that has helped cushion some of the tough stuff that happened in the first six months of this year. including the effects on oil prices. as to what happened in the middle east and japan. >> with the possibility of more turmoil overseas and more supply problems. domestic oil produces are asking the government to turn them loose. >> we want to create the jobs that the president is talking about. we want to jep rate money for the government. and increase our energy security. we have it right here in this country. we can put miles per hours to work. we just need the green light from white house. >> reporter: energy secretary steven chu made reference to oil prices on
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thursday saying oil price goes up, they go down in 20 year, they're more likely to go up. the administration hopes that green energy technology will be helpful in the future but that does not address current global demand. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel, thank you. we have continue the fourth of july holiday weekend with a story about the most american of american pastimes. presidential politics. while many people won't begin to focus on the general election race until after next fourth of july, the battle among republicans to take on president obama is well underway. correspondent molly henneberg reports on the perceived front runner and cureosly mixed message -- curiously mixed message. >> reporter: if you ask mitt romney about the president and the economy and you get this. >> he didn't create the recession, but he made it worse and longer. >> reporter: but yesterday in pennsylvania when asked about potential signs of economic encouragement, such as dow trending up, romney appeared to back track. >> i didn't say things were worse. what i said was that the economy hasn't turned around. that you have 20 million
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americans out of work or seriously unemployed. housing values still going down. >> campaign advisor says romney was not changing his tune, just answering a specific part of the country. >> what governor romney was responding to is i didn't say he made the stock market worse. >> romney had been careful to go after the president on the campaign trail. rather than attack the rest of the g.o.p. primary field. when asked about the competitor, such as michele bachmann, he is complementary. >> she is an excellent candidate. >> when asked if he is purposefully trying to stay above the g.o.p. fray, he turns it back on president obama. >> i'm in the fray when it comes to dealing with the president and the economic policies. because they're not working. >> since romney leads in just about every poll, including this week's fox news poll of g.o.p. primary voters, political analysts say he can run more of a general election type of campaign. going after the democrats. >> if you are the front runner and acting like the front runner, you're probably
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looking presidential. you're looking confident. you believe you will win. other people believe you will win. you are smoothing the path toward the nomination and the general election. >> the romney campaign says it is logical to compare what the former massachusetts governor would do as president to what president obama has done, but they say they are focused first on winning the primary race. >> you never want to be, think of yourself in a approximation of being the front-runner, because the minute you do, you won't be. >> larry sabato says bag front-runner is often a "dangous position" because everyone is gunning for you. but he says romney has been "lucky" because the other g.o.p. candidates have not gone after him very hard. so far. bret? >> bret: molly, thank you. mitt romney has new competition. thaddeus mccotter says he will formally enter the race saturday. mccotter is known for his independent streak and his guitar playing and his eccentric sense of humor. he has been critical of romney
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saying his fellow michigan native is too similar to president obama on some issues. senior officials in the tim pawlenty campaign tell fox they raised $4.2 million in the second quarter. that is far less than the $20 million announced by the romney organization thursday. june was a big month for american auto makers. cite her says -- chrysler says sales was up 30%. general motors and ford report 10% increases. toyota and honda were off more than 21%. home construction fell 2.1% in may. overall, construction spending was down .6 of a percentage point. it could be four years before the construction returns to healthier levels. manufacturerring activity was up a bit in june after the worth month in two years in may. stocks ended the week on a high note. dow gained 168.5. s&p 500 up 19. nasdaq finished up 42.5. governors in two midwestern states find themselves under fire tonight.
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one for not getting a budget deal done and another for the budget deal he did get done. correspondent mike tobin has that story from chicago. >> with protesters already outside his door, ohio republican governor john kasich dove deeper in controversy signing a budget that closes a $6- to $8 billion budget gap with deep and painful cuts. hardest hit are private nursing homes with a #% reduction in medicaid funding. the powerful ohio healthcare lobby responded with a dramatic add campaign demanding the budget be repealed. >> call your state senator and tell him to vote know on the kasich cuts, before it's too late. >> teachers, police officers and construction workers will feel the bite as the deep cut goes in effect. >> we promised ohioans a new way and a new day. we're delivering. >> in minnesota, it has the
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them shutting down. state parks are closed. 23,000 state pleas are furloughed and they were told to take their plants home if the plants needed water. this could be a while. budget negotiations between republicans and democrats leave $1.5 billion gap stretched over ideological divide. the democratic governor mark dayton was elected after promising no cuts in service and new tention the wealthy. dayton bargained down to new taxes only on those earning $1 million a year. state republicans rejected it. >> in up stead of taxing their friends they'd prefer damaging cut to healthcare, k-1 the and higher education. state and local public safety, mass transit and other semiservices to the people of minneapolis. >> tate republican were lobbying for deadline extension before the shutdown. day top dismissed that as a public -- dayton dismissed it as a publicity stunt. >> democrats and the
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republicans need to stop acting like crips and bloods, gang members. >> former governor and presidential hopeful tim pawlenty says there wouldn't be a problem in minnesota if the sate could live within the own revenue. minnesota may provide the nation with a look to the own future, as the showdown over the debt limit simmers on capitol hill. bret? >> bret: mike tobin live in chicago. thank you. president obama has selected matthew olson as the new counterterrorism chief. he is current through general counsel for national security agency and we place michael lightner who is retiring after four-and-a-half years on the job. olsen must be confirmed by the senate. where the ohio lawmakers we just told you about may be soon drowning their sorrows. that's later in the grapevine. first, more confusion about the debt ceiling and what happens if the deadline is missed? [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react
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>> bret: a federal appeals court threw out a lawsuit by companies wanting to shift nuclear waste to yucca mountain, 90 miles from las vegas. this is a victory for the obama administration who said it would not consider the site. the court said now is not the time to intervene because the nuclear regulatory commission has not made a final decision on the yucca mountain site. treasury officials confirm today that august 2 is the deadline for raising the debt limit. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports a lot of people in washington and elsewhere still have
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questions. >> reporter: lawmakers can be forgiven for being confused or skeptical about exactly when the u.s. hits the debt ceiling because they were warned it would come earlier. >> marge 31, between that -- march 31, between that date and may 16. members of congress legit may will have concerns-too-whether . >> they have different views about what it means. for instance, the u.s. would still have enough tax revenues to cover $56% of the bill. >> that will permit payment on the national debt interest. social security. medicare. most defense spending. beyond that, there would be very little cash left. >> 23 republican senators wrote to president obama a month ago urging him to develop contingency plans well ahead of hitting the debt ceiling saying, "it would not be pleasant operating around debt ceiling budget no one is recommending it, but it would not be armageddon." officials would have to sort
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through the pile of 80 million bills a month and decide which ones to pay. >> it would be uncomfortable and a chaotic process. again, there is no legal basis for saying i'm going to pay you, not you. again, you can't cut 44% of spending. without cutting things that are really important and very popular. >> they argue one way for the government to keep paying all the bills for a year or longer. >> treasury can print money. and the federal reserve can buy back the cash when it goes to circulation with the portfolio bonds. then keep quite a bit going that way. >> which he says would add $1.6 trillion in leeway. others say absolutely not. >> you want to permanently destroy the creditbility in the world market. have fed print money to pay our bill. >> reporter: even if there is no deal before it hits the debt ceiling, most think it would last a few days. >> i don't believ think anyone s they won't raise the debt ceiling. >> reporter: but everyone
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laments this is what happens to countries that can't control their spending, they face nothing but bad choices. >> it gets wor every year. the longer we don't deal with the problem, the worse the choices get. >> if you want a sense of where the road leads, take a long look. at what is happening in greece. bret? >> bret: jim, thanks. wednesday, president obama cast the debt limit debate in terms of rich versus poor, but is that an accurate representation, some allege example of class warfare. doug mckelway takes a fair and balanced look. >> reporter: it may have been the first shot fired from the white house this week, in some republicans call a class war. >> it's only favor to ask an oil company or a corporate jet own they're has done so well to give up that tax break that no other business enjoys. >> president obama referenceed tax breaks for corporate jet owner six times in his wednesday press conference. it may have been designed to play well to a recession-weary public, but removing that tax break would only raise $3 billion in ten years.
6:16 pm
democrats hammered away at republicans with a corporate jet talking point, accusing them of favoring fat cats accusing them of not solving the debt ceiling crisis. >> we're not a third world country going to a banana republic regime. if they want to act like banana republic, they can slip on their own peel. >> reporter: republicans refuse to budge, making it clear it's not taxes but spending that is the problem. >> is there a single member of congress, democrat or republican, who thinks it's a good idea to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in job killing taxes when millions of americans are out of work? >> reporter: some say the president's choice of attack is a slippery slope. >> there is no definition of rich. it's subjective definition. president pegged nip making over $250,000 a year as rich there is no rhyme or reason he chose that.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: high income earners bear highest of the taxes in the u.s. the top 5% pay 60%. responding to the democratic attacks, a senator fired back at the white house for refusing to accept republican invitation to the hill. >> i think the best way to get an appointment with the president is to set up a tee time. >> reporter: one irony of the president's desire to eliminate the corporate tax rate, he signed it in law last december as part of the bush era tax cut extension. doug mckelway, fox news. >> bret: still to come, is it us against the world as we try to save the american economy? first, they say war is hell. one man is trying to counter with a slice of heaven. verizon claims its 4lt is twice afast as at&t.
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>> bret: the former head of the international monetary fund is now free without bail. the outlook of the sexual assault case against him seems considerably more in his favor tonight. correspondentingincorrespondents explains why. >> reporter: released on his own recognizance, his bond ordered return and now free of court-ordered home confinement. >> on the eve of independence day, we get to celebrate for strauss-kahn, mr. strauss-kahn and his family a bit of his perm independence. >> reporter: he is free to travel throughout the united states, but his passport is still being held by authorities. the dramatic turn of events came after prosecutors revealed that an extensive background investigation of the accuser turned up discrepancies with her story of the day in question and her credibility overall. she initially claimed she ran
6:22 pm
down the hallway and contacted a supervisor at the sofitel hotel immediately after the sexual assault -- alleged sexual assault. now she imclaims she cleaned a nearby suite and the suite that she says strauss-kahn attacked her before calling her boss. district attorney's office sent a letter to the defense saying, "the claimant was untruthful with assistant district attorney about variety of additional topics concerning her history, background, present circumstances and personal relationships." prosecutors say although the strength of case has been affected they will not be moving to dismiss the case at this time. the investigation will continue. >> in this case, as with every case, the office commitment is to the truth and the facts. that will govern how we proceed. >> reporter: the attorney for the alleged victim says the medical and the forensic evidence supports his client's account and though his client
6:23 pm
made mistakes with her statement, it does not mean she is not a victim of rain. >> the district attorney of new york county has an obligation to stand by this rain victim. he has an obligation to stand up to all women who have been raped and sexual assaulted. >> reporter: her lawyer also says that his client will be speaking out soon, publicly coming out of hiding to details the claims against strauss-kahn. because now they don't believe he will ever go to trial. the next court date for the case is july 18. bret? >> bret: laura, thank you? overseas news now, hugo chavez says he is fighting cancer. he appeared on television thursday night, noticeably thinner and paler. he sein cuba where he said he had two operations one found cancerous cells. he is continuing to receive treatment but did not elaborate or say what kind of cancer he has.
6:24 pm
hundreds of prodemocracy activists demonstrated today in egypt. this follows two days of clashes between police and protesters, demanding speedy trials for former associates of ousted president hosni mubarak. also today, the country's powerful islamist movement, the muslim brotherhood said it's willing to hold talks with the u.s. activists say 14 people are reported dead in protests today in syria. hundreds of thousands turned out in several cities to again call for regime change. today's crowds were said to be some of the largest since the uprisings began more than three months ago. libyan leader muammar gaddafi is threatening to carry out in libya. luxuries are scarce for the rebels fighting gaddafi forces. but senior correspondent rick leventhal introduces us to one man who really does believe that an army marches on its stomach. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: libyan rebels
6:25 pm
don't have military rations to eat on the front lines. they have something better. hot slice of pizza, delivered fresh to their trenches every day. the pies are made from scratch at a secret location, by an assembly line of volunteers. all the ingredients donated by locals. they make huge piles of dough, spread the sauce, add the topics, and bake nonstop for hours. five to 700 pies every single day. >> it's good. >> bret: emad moved from swy den to libya to open a pizza parlor. he came back to help the opposition the only way he knew how. >> i don't know how to shoot. you know how to make pizza. >> yeah. >> reporter: this pizza kitch season dangerously close to the front line. we can hear the thump of the
6:26 pm
incoming rocket and artillery. we agree not to reveal the exact location, because they say if gaddafi's troops get a fix on this place, they will target it for sure. up to seven drivers take great risk to deliver thepis sast to hungry fighters. there's take-out, too. rebels come and pick up the pies. at no charge, with no utensils necessary. >> it's easy to eat it. >> easy to eat. you can work and you eat. yeah. >> eat pizza and fire weapons at the same time? >> yes, yes, yes. >> reporter: he says they distributed 6,000 to 8,000 slices a day for 15 days now and will keep making the pies until gaddafi is gone. near the front line in libya, rick leventhal, fox news. >> bret: somalia's defense minister says u.s. forces landed in his country to retrieve the bodies of dead and wounded militants after a drone strike. it's apparently the second such visit.
6:27 pm
the minister is calling on the u.s. to carry out more such strike against al-qaeda linked forces no recess no, honeymoon for one senator. details in the grapevine. why you shouldn't especially bother going to a fourth of july parade if you are from a certain party, according to one school. p! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. according some july fourth rallies energize only republicans, turn kids in republicans and help boost g.o.p. turn-out on election day. attending one fourth of july event without rain as a child raises the likelihood of identifying as a republican by 2%. of voting by 1%.
6:31 pm
voting for republican candidate 4%. contributing to campaign by 5%. the study found democrats gained nothing from fourth of july celebrations because preferences only shift to right. montana democrat max baucus has his fourth of july weekend plan set. the senator will marry former aide melodyhanes on his ranch saturday. joe biden is expected to attend. in 2009, baucus acknowledged he was in relationship withhanes when he nominated her to be the montana u.s. attorney. he withdrew her nomination and she works at the justice department. they're postponing the honeymoon because the recess was canceled dough to debt ceiling fight. he told the "washington post" his fiancee is an understanding woman. we told you about the problems that the ohio lawmakers have with the new budget so it's perhaps no coincidence they'll soon have a convenient place to drown their sorrows. the first full-service bar
6:32 pm
will open next month inside the state house, serving beer, wine and liquor. it will have flat screen tv and be open to the public at certain times. we conclude the two-week series on saving the economy with a big picture look at what america is up against. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us it's a tough world out there. >> every minute of every day of every year, we are locked in mortal struggle, a fierce battle over the disposition of scarce resources and precious human capital that pits us against 200 other nations around the world. >> no question today, almost every business is horrible. the questioning about outsourcing where is the best business environment? >> america finds herself in competition with the bric countries, brazil, russia, india and china. the last two india and china have in the last five years
6:33 pm
both ranked among the top 40 most improved countries in terms of easing the leaguetory burden on the business class. >> they embark on program of deregulation but they have a lot left. i suspect they will continue to be on a deregulatory track. >> reporter: in 2010, and fifth consecutive year, the business survey that ranks 183 economies in terms of the regulatory burden found singapore to be the world's friendliest regulatory environment, followed by hong kong, new zealand, united kingdom and then the united states. this fifth place ranking represented decline for the u.s. that ranked third in 2009 and saw america bucking a worldwide trend. >> the trend has seen 85% of the world economy over the last five years take steps to make it easier for local entrepreneurs to operate. last year, 61 councilmembers fared better in the u.s. because of tax burden on the owners.
6:34 pm
>> regulatory burden that the united states poses on the business class, where do we fall in ranking of the industrialized states? >> if you had asked me this tens year ago i would have told you america is the place to start a business. not true anymore today. we know the heavier the regulation, in particular in product and labor market, the more it reduces economic growth. >> some regulation like child labor laws to remain one remain vital. economists across the spectrum agree for america to compete in the global economy, regulation should themselveses be tightly regulated, tailored narrowly to address specific problems and made to go away when the problems do. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> bret: vice president biden took swipes at republicans during what he acknowledged was supposed to be a nonpolitical event. at the teamsters convention in las vegas. biden told union members that labor is under attack by the g.o.p. >> the reason why they declared war on labor's house
6:35 pm
is you're the only thing that stand between the barbarians at the gate and taking it all over. you are the only counterweight. >> bret: the fire that forced a closing of the los alamos nuclear lab in new mexico now covers 162 square miles. that makes it largeest in the state history. 1200 firefighters are assigned to the blaze. they're confident they can keep the fire spreading to the lab and the nearby community. >> we look at how the 2012 race is shaping up and the strategy of the front-runner the republican field when the fox all-stars join me after the break. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react
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i want to lend support to get a lend on spending in the state to make sure a private economy not government sector in minnesota. we need to do the same thing
6:39 pm
in washington. >> bret: former governor tim pawlenty now republican candidate defending his record of governor of minnesota and talking about minnesota's state budget shutdown. the government shutdown in the past day. impromptu press conference. another candidate getting some attention, about the economy. his assessment of president obama's running of the economy. here is what mitt romney has said before. >> he didn't create the recession. he made it worse and longer. >> barack obama has failed america. [ applause ] when he took office -- obama was in recession. he made it worse. he made it last longer. >> bret: yesterday in pennsylvania, he was asked about the sign of economic encouragement, like the dow and the stock market trending up. this is his response. >> i didn't say things were
6:40 pm
worse. what i said was that the economy hasn't turned around. that you've got 20 million americans out of work or seriously unemployed. housing values still going down. >> what governor romney was responding to is i didn't say he made the stock market worse. >> bret: is it a hair trigger? are we focus toog much on the back and forth? what about the g.o.p. feel and where it stands. the panel, steve hayes for stand stand. rick klein political reporter for abc news. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. rick, i have seen it covered elsewhere. the romney is it worse, is it not worse? is it too much of a little thing? >> i think for romney the problem is every little thing becomes a big thing because of history there. he on tra districted himself on things in the past. changed positions on things, most notably abortion. every time you have an incident like this, it's magnified. the economy is his issue. the wheelhouse, the issue. the only path he got, legitimate path to nomination. >> bret: steve, he is in pennsylvania yesterday at a
6:41 pm
plant where president obama talked about the stimulus money, a plant they close down. what about the strategy here. this remark, too. >> i think the strategy is remarkable. if you look at the romney campaign, the way that the campaign has handled the issues, they have handleed them perfectly. the fact that he was there, the fact that he got in news story, the fact we're talking about him tonight after president obama goes to allen town, that the agenda that the campaign released which i thought was devastating, a devastating indictment of the president and what has happened in allentown under the president's watch. a totally fair shot. on this, i guess i was inclined to say we understood what he was saying because the question was in fact about the stock market. now, i agree with rick. mitt romney is going to have the questions. we had this earlier on foreign policy, afghanistan. where he said something in the debate. then it was cleaned up. then it really wasn't cleaned up. a question about whether the united states should have gone in afghanistan. should be fighting. this is going to be the thing
6:42 pm
that dogs him everywhere he goes. every time he opens his mouth. a problem. for a candidate you want to speak and talk loosely like john mccain did in 2008. mitt romney is nev going to get that because people are so focused on it. >> bret: charles? >> right. for a man that is already extremely dispalestinianed he has to be unbelievably disciplined and repeat the same phrases everywhere he goes. evidence time he changes a wording there is a nuance. he will be accused of changes his mind. what he talked about, obama made stuff worse for unm employment and the misery index if you like in the country. that is what he is talking about saying it's worse. he says the recovery is the weakest, one could imagine, much, much weaker.
6:43 pm
than villaraigos reagan recovere early '80s. the stock market lost half of its value and only a few months in 2008. i'm not sure this is devastating. he has to stay on message. >> the conundrum for romney if a problem is flip-flopping, he has to guard against that. the other problem is us a then tisty. if he just goes out and repeats exactly what he said at every time and seems scripted. >> it's robotic. >> it seems robotic. this is a real problem for him. >> when he repeats what he says, he has to smile and move around. >> different body language. >> rick, tim pawlenty. going out kind of this impromptu news conference to talk about minnesota, the government shutdown. also mentioned his time as governor, and a shutdown similar in five. what about that strategy of hopping on this? it's a double edged sword. >> this is him guarding his flank. if the shutdown is known as the tim pawlenty shutdown, that is a problem for him.
6:44 pm
he has to guard against that in the local press coverage and national press coverage. up with of the talking points and something he is proud of is balancing the budget in minnesota. leaving them on sound fiscal footing. that is something he will make sure that people know about tim pawlenty. it comes on a day we learn about the fundraising numbers, disappointing by any perspective, a guy running for president now for two-and-a-half years. ready to run for president. the fact he raised barely $4 million in the first quarter is a tough story for them. >> bret: 4.2. the new fox poll out just yesterday, as you look at it, romney is still in the lead. there you see perry who is not even in yet. bachmann performing strong. this is a national poll go to the next page, you can see pawlenty and newt gingrich, jon huntsman, senator santorum is not even on here. he is at 2%. plenty of 3%. steve? >> yeah, this is a very tough news for tim pawlenty. one reason i think he held the press conference last night, he needs to do everything he can to keep himself in the discussion and in the news.
6:45 pm
so he is giving major economic speech. gives a major foreign policy speech at a time when most strategists would say it's early to be doing that. but he needs to do that to make news and renape the discussion men your numbers are as paltry as they've been -- discussion when your numbers are as paltry as they've been. >> bret: anecdotally talking to people in iowa yesterday and the day before, he still has support in iowa from folks who look at him as an alternative to mitt romney and people who like him. >> i think so. he does. he is having trouble expanding and gaining traction in a wider audience. i think one of the ways that it shows itself and the way he reacted in minnesota today. he didn't just protect his flank on this by avoiding people attributing what is happening to him. he got tough. he said i'm in favor of this shutdown. in fact, the one i had when i was a governor nine days wasn't long enough. well, the problem is that when tim pawlenty is playing the tough guy, it doesn't look right.
6:46 pm
i mean, the adjective you'd apply to him is one that was applied to clark kent. the mild-mannered reporter. he has the mild manner. we saw what happened in the debate. where he attacked romney a day earlier about obamnycare and backed down. three days later he goes on hannity and says i should haven't backed down. he has to decide if he's a tough guy or himself and it creates a problem with authenticity. >> bret: is someone surging in the field? >> michele bachmann had a good week and is someone to watch. the fundraising numbers will play it out. we could see herman cain out fundraising tim pawlenty, which would be a major, major statement. certainly. i think bachmann now is emerging as a person who is the biggest rival to tim pawlenty. maybe the person to take iowa. >> bret: come august 11 in ames, it will be very interesting. that is the next debate for us. next up, the friday lightning round featuring the debt ceiling debate do you think a deal will be reached before august 2?
6:47 pm
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>> bret: before the break, we asked you will a debt ceiling deal be reached before august 2? 73% of you said no. 27% said yes in the unscientific poll on the home page. you see by the voting there, this was what was chosen for the friday lightning round. debt ceiling was what won this week. we're back with the panel. steve, deal, no deal? where are we? what is the status? >> i am increasingly skeptical. you heard chuck schumer last night, who is by all accounts a leader of the democratic party. certainly a leader of the democrats in the senate, say
6:51 pm
that medicare and maidcade were off the table. so if drivers of our debt, the two things that are probably doing more along with social security than anybody else to create the $14.3 trillion debt we face and the long-term problems are off the table. you just can't have a negotiation if that is the case. >> bret: democrats, rick, would say the opposite, you can't have the negotiation if taxes are off the table. >> that is right. we have seen both sides grow further apartment in the last couple of months. not like we have outline of consensus here. the likely scenario is a short-term deal, between the yes or the no we won't get to august 2 without a debt limit increase but it won't be as big as the one they're talking about. the idea of a $2 trillion grand bargain where the taxes are part of it, medicare is part of it. entitlement and all of that, i don't see it happening. i don't think either side sees political incentive but no one sees political incentive in us defaulting on our debt either. >> bret: that is the
6:52 pm
question. more day goes by, it seems like more and more people up on capitol hill say wait, we're never going to default. we talk about it here. you can pay the bills, make priorities. is that gaining momentum on capitol hill? >> it is. but there are choices in the priorities and the choices will be in the hands of the president is what scares republicans. obama exploited that. if you heard the press conference where he mentioned several times about how you've got to choose corporate jets and critical research. meet inspections if you withhold that. you shut down the farm stake, to scare republicans. he is saying look, i have this in my hands. i can hold it back. schumer is so arrogant saying we're not going to talk about entitlement, the pressure is on their side. >> bret: brit hume talked to a republican senator who said just that, if it comes to farm
6:53 pm
inspecs, and meat inspections and closes down the industry, i'm out. >> bret: the president mentioned twice as a way to telegraph, which isn't done, to tweet his intentions. >> bret: charles, the strategic petroleum reserve, big move to 30 million gallons, may have a short-term effect. now we are seeing the oil prices go up heading to the fourth of july weekend. >> this is a farce and a stunt. the amount we released accounts for one-third of one day of world consumption, which means by the time we wake up tomorrow we'll all be gone poof. it had no effect on prices. >> i think some people thought it as a political move. i find it hard to understand politics of it. it seemed late. obviously, it has little impact as even president obama thought. it's more signaling to the world parks, opec in particular, making noise of manipulating the market. white house wanted to show that. charles is right, it hasn't had much impact at all on gas
6:54 pm
prices. period. >> you're both right. it was a political move and a stupid one. it didn't have that impact. it was predictable it wouldn't have it. some people here predicted it would haven't much long-term impact. i think this was pan frick the white house there are things you can do if you want to increase or take some pressure off. you can lift the mothertorium and allow drilling in anwar. expedite permitting. they haven't done any of them. >> bret: next up, last topic, dominique strauss-kahn the former head of the imf released on his own reconnaissance. it appears that the case is falling apart. what about this? steve? >> what do you make of it? reports from the last 24 hours is stunning there is reason i think that the legal team is excited about this. the fact that the woman alleged to have legal problems doesn't mean the assault
6:55 pm
didn't take place. >> the case is going on but hard to imagine that successful professioncuse given credibilitys raised here. from the point of view of the prosecution, if they knew they had the problems they needed to get out in front of it and made a move today. so he is a free man heading to the holiday weekend. it's stunning development, given how sure everyone seemed to be of his guilty a couple of months ago. >> bret: you are not surprised to hear you are hearing sacreblu from the french media. >> the united states ought to pray this man does not become the president of france. we are still nominal allies. i'm not sure we will be if he is the president. this has the whiff of the duke lacrosse case from the evidence that we have seen up until now, the odds are that the sex was consensual, or perhaps transactional, as it were. but not felonious. got to be careful when you -- [ laughter ] sniffings going to give you
6:56 pm
extra time. >> no. no. just to make sure that you. >> no, i'm stopping right there. [ laughter ] >> bret: we'll leave it right there in the holiday weekend. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for one show's take on the president's budget plan. [ waves crashing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges. but last year my daughter was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian. and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink
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